Responsive Design

Responsive Design

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What is Responsive Design? Responsive design is basically a website that will scale to any size. No matter what size of mobile device you view the website on the design will automatically resize the website to fit perfectly into your screen size.

It’s fair to say that now a days there are virtually hundreds of devices that you can use to view the internet. Iphones, Ipad, Blackberry’s, Samsung’s, TV’s and hand held electronic devices are just a few on the list. A responsive design will be designed in such a way that will simplify the websites usage.

When getting a Magento eCommerce website designed or built you will need to tell the developer right from the start of the project that you want the website to be responsive. When designing a Magento responsive website we use whats called a grid system to make sure that the design can be easily scaled to fit each device. As you can imagine there is far more work that involved in coding a responsive design hence the price tag is usually more expensive than a normal eShop build.

A responsive design eliminates the scrolling from left to right on the devices screen, so you only really need to swipe up and down.

If you looking for a responsive Magento ecommerce eshop then please give us a call onĀ 0141 538 2411 and speak with one of our friendly sales advisors. All of our sales advisors also have massive knowledge on how Magento works, so you’ll pretty much be speaking with a Magento expert.


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