How To Download Module Archive From Magento Connect

How To Download Module Archive From Magento Connect

Magento Web Design Jan 11, 2016 Magento Resources 0

With Magento, you can download and install various different modules for your Magento eShop on Magento Connect, but sometimes, things can go wrong, and you may not be able to use the Magento Connect Manager. Luckily, we know a way to get round this, as we have been unfortunate enough to run into this problem ourselves.

To summarise, we’re going to show you how to download a module through a special URL on any of your favourite browsers.



For example you want to download the “Facebook Products Tab” module as TGZ (.tar.gz) archive from Magento Connect.

1. Open the module’s page on the Magento Connect website:

2. Look for the Release Version in the ‘Release Notes’ tab.

In our sample last version of the module is “1.1.0”.

3. Check an Extension key for “Magento Connect 2.0”.

For the module we want the Extension key is:

4. Insert the info from the URL into the URL Format that we displayed above:

You will see standard download window in your browser.