How To Create a Magento Configurable Product

How To Create a Magento Configurable Product

magento configurable products
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How To:
Add a Magento Configurable Product

In today’s free Magento training guide we are going to show you how to add your own Magento configurable product. Although this might sound simple, even the best magento developers can run into problems while adding a configurable product. For this reason, our magento training guide will break down the process into an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial.

What is a Magento Configurable Product?

Have you ever been online shopping for clothes and noticed that the product you’re trying to buy has options of different sizes and colours? The main product you are trying to buy is what’s known as a Magento configurable product. In Magento, the different colours and sizes are known as Magento product attributes. Instead of having every combination of the product featured in the catalog, you can add one product that allows you to select exactly what combination is right for you. Now that you’re up-to-date on what a configurable product is, it’s time to break it down so that you can get them added onto your own eCommerce website.

What Will I Have To Do Beforehand?

If you have read the “What is a Magento Configurable Product” section of our Magento training guide then you’ll know what Magento product attributes are. Which means you will also have already figured out that it’s impossible to have a configurable product without product attributes. Creating these is a simple task. We’re going to create two Magento product attributes to use in our configurable product. At Magento Web Design we provide a variety of free Magento Training Guides to help you in your eCommerce campaigns. To learn how to Create Magento Product Attributes, simply click the image below to go to our Magento training guide and come back here once you’re in the know!

Magento product attributes

Step 1:
Add Simple Products

Now that you’ve read our other Magento training guide on how to create Magento product attributes it’s time that we got on with the guide at hand.

To create a Simple Product, simply find your way to the Manage Products section. As always Magento Web Design have provided an easy to follow snapshot below to help you get to the right place!

magento configurable product

Now that you’re in the right place to start adding your simple products. Click on the Add Product to enter the process of adding your simple product. Upon doing this you will be directed to the page shown in the following snapshot. Faced with two options, you should have the following settings set to;

Attribute Set: Have this set to the Attribute Set you will have created following the steps of our How to: Create Magento Product Attributes Magento training guide.

Product Type: Simple Product

Your simple product is what your customers will buy. You never buy a Magento configurable product as it is only where the simple products – the variations – are found. Once you’ve clicked the Continue button, you will be brought to the page in the snapshot below.

Let us break down the options for you to ensure there’s nothing thats left out or done incorrectly.

magento configurable product

1) Magento Product Attributes

These two options are the Magento product attributes you will have created if you completed our free Magento training guide on How To: Create Magento Product Attributes. These options simply define what colour and size your simple product will be.

magento configurable product

2) Status

The status of your simple product tells Magento if you want it displayed or not. The two options for this setting are Enabled and Disabled. If you ignore this setting it will stay is the default Disabled option. This may cause some confusion when your product doesn’t show up in the front end of your Magento eCommerce site, so make sure it’s set to Enabled.

3) Visibility

This setting allows you to tell Magento where abouts you want your products to be seen. For a simple product, this should be set to Not Visible Individually. This is so that when people are searching on your site for your Magento configurable product they do not find all of the different size and colour combinations displayed alongside the configurable product. Not only does this make your site a lot more user friendly, it also clears up lots of space for another configurable product.

Once you have these settings in place, go through the tabs on the left hand side entering all the relevant information about your product. As this is a simple product you can leave out the Images section. The images for each different product (size and colour) will be added and displayed in the Magento configurable product.

Here’s some other settings that can sometimes catch people out when creating their simple products.

Prices: Ensure your price is set as well as the product’s Tax Class
Inventory: Make sure that you have a quantity set higher than “0”. Also check that your product’s Stock Availability is set to “In Stock” otherwise you wont be seeing this product on the front end of your eShop any time soon.

Now that your first simple product has been made you can duplicate it and change the information to suit each of your varieties (i.e. colour and size).

Note that once you duplicate your simple product it will reset the Quantity to 0, telling Magento that it’s out of stock. Make sure to go back into the Inventory tab to change this back to the product’s correct quantity.

You’re almost there! Now all you need to do is get to work on your Magento configurable product.

Step 2
Add a Magento Configurable Product

We’re finally on to the step of the process that you’re here for. That’s right, it’s now time to create your very own configurable product!

If you have really been reading this FREE Magento Training guide, then you will already know how to get to the Add Product button in the Catalog / Manage Products tab. If you have not been reading this 100% FREE Magento Training guide, then don’t worry, we’ve provided a snapshot below on how to get there.

magento configurable product

Now that you’re in the right place, simply click the Add Product to start the creation of your Magento configurable product.

Once you do this, you will be brought to a page asking you to Create Product Settings. From here, you will want the Attribute Set option to be set to the product attribute set you have previously created. The Product Type should be set to Configurable Product. After these settings are correctly in place, you will be faced with tick boxes.

These tick boxes are your Magebto product attributes. Tick the ones that you want your configurable product to use. For this example we used the attributes Colour and Size. Your screen may look different depending on the attribute names and the amount you have made. Make sure to tick all the applicable boxes before continuing.

You’ll now find yourself at a  familiar screen. The New Product screen is something you will have seen while creating your simple products. The procedure is very much the same but with a few differences. As always, we’ll provide you with a few convenient snapshots to show you what settings are crucial to the creation of your Magento configurable product.

magento configurable product

1) Visibility

While filling out the information in the General tab you will come down to the Visibility setting. You will notice that instead of having this set to “Not Visible Individually” it is now set to “Catalog, Search”. This is because you will want your Magento configurable product to be seen on the front end of your website.

magento configurable product

2) Images

Now that you’ve worked your way through the General, Prices and Meta Information tabs, you will find yourself at the Images section. While creating simple products we told you not to add any images. This is because all the images of your products and their variations are found in the Magento configurable product. Here you can see the two variations of the t-shirt. This is so that when customers are switching between colours they know what the product looks like. You can add different images for size however it is harder to show the difference in size unless the t-shirt is being worn by someone.

*) Image Settings

Make sure that when you’re adding images you set one as a “Base Image”. This is the main image displayed when a customer looks at your product online. If you don’t set one of your images as a base image, your product will appear without an image. This makes your e-Commerce site look incomplete and unprofessional. You should also have one set as the “Small Image” and “Thumbnail”. It is a good idea to have all of these set as the same image to avoid confusion.

Now that you’re done with the images you can add your Magento configurable product to a category if you want. This isn’t mandatory but it helps to have your product in a category in case you want to create a deal on “All T-Shirts” or “All Clothing”. After choosing to either put your  configurable product into a category or to skip this step you will want to ignore the next four settings tabs and move straight onto the Associated Product tab.

magento configurable product

3) Associated Products

Now that you’re all the way down to the last tab, it’s time to start adding all the variations that will be attached to your Magento configurable product. Once you’re in the associated products tab you will be presented with a few options. If you have done everything by following our steps exactly then you should see your simple products at the bottom of the screen in a table. Because you have added the simple products correctly, you can just tick each of the products you want to attach to the configurable product to make them associate products. A table will appear above your simple products allowing you to set prices for each variation. Once you have entered all the information you need for your variations, click the Save button to create your Magento configurable product.

Congratulations, You’ve Made a Magento Configurable Product

By completing this guide you will now have successfully created a configurable product with at least two Magento product attributes.

Now that you have the configurable product created, why not optimise it? Read our Free Magento Training guide on How to Optimise your Magento Configurable Product to get your products the search engine visibility that they deserve! To read this, simply click the image below!

magento configurable products

Did you find this Magento training guide difficult? At Magento Web Design, adding a Magento configurable product to eCommerce sites successfully is routine! It’s easy to make mistakes when carrying out such tasks. So why not have the security of an team of web development and graphic design specialist at your back?

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