How To Optimise Your Magento Prodcuts | Magento Product Optimisation

How To Optimise Your Magento Prodcuts | Magento Product Optimisation

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How To:
Optimise Your Magento Products | Magento Product Optimisation

Today at Magento Web Design we are going to show you how to optimise your products on Magento to get them higher up the Google Search rankings. With our HowTo on Magento product optimisation you’ll find out how to increase your sales and profits through a few simple SEO techniques.

Why Do I Need Magento Product Optimisation?

While Magento out-of-the-box is one of the best e-commerce solutions you can buy, product optimisation is vital to the success of any online shop. By getting your products a higher-up position in Google you will reach more people, convert more sales and generate more profits. Choosing not to optimise your products on Magento is like a high street shop not displaying their products in the front window. With the easy-to-follow steps provided below we’ll show you how to make the most of your online products.

Identify & Research The Keywords You Will Be Using

Keywords are what people type into Google search. For example: if man, who is a size XL, wants to buy a linen blazer your keyword phrase would be “Men’s XL Linen Blazer”. The best way to identify what keywords and keyword phrases is through using Google AdWords.

magento product optimisation

By creating a free Google AdWords account you will have access to all sorts of information regarding the keywords you provide it with. Here you can compare different keywords to see which are the most searched and which have the lowest competition and CPC rate. These statistics will allow you to identify which keyword / keywords are best suited for your product.

Implement Your Keywords

As Google uses keywords to determine your site’s ranking, it is vital you have plenty of relevant keywords. Having hundreds of keywords or the same keyword mentioned too many times is one of the biggest mistakes people make when conducting Magento product optimisation. You must have your keywords in the right place.

There are a few key places that Google will check when searching the code of your site. Some of these include;

magento product optimisation

1) Product Title 

The product’s title, or name, is what everyone viewing your product on the front end of the website are going to see. Having your keyword or keyword phrase here is essential in your Magento product optimisation. If you have carried out your keyword research successfully then you will have a list of specific, detailed keywords that you are able to put here. As shown above, instead of simply having ‘Linen Blazer’ it has been optimised to contain the words ‘mens‘, ‘white‘ and ‘jacket‘. Specifying some key details in your product’s title allows for you to score higher on specific searches, deciding on your target audience allows you to choose which specific searches you want to rank high on.

2) Description & Short Description

Your product’s description is the perfect place to implement many of your target keywords. As you have space for a significant amount of text, there are plenty of places within your description where you can hide your keywords.  For Example: In the image above, it shows that the description contains many of the keywords used within the title. While reading you may notice the continuous use of the words white, blazer, mens, jacket and linen. 

“This is a stunning lightweight mens blazer jacket made from white linen

This continues throughout the rest of the description. You are therefore able to give your customers a detailed description of your product while hiding some keywords in there as well to score higher with Google’s Search Results.

Your product’s short description does the same thing, just with less words. Here (above) you can see the short description contains ‘linen‘ and ‘blazer‘. This is yet another place you can effectively hide your keywords. Make sure not to forget your short description while conducting Magento product optimisation as you may be missing out.

3) URL

A product’s URL is located at the top of the browser in the address bar. You will have likely noticed that, but what you may not have noticed is that the product’s URL contains many of the main keywords. Your URL is one of the main factors Google looks to when deciding on what your ranking will be. “/mens-white-linen-blazer-jacket/” is a great URL to have for this product. A good way to choose what keywords to use is to simply enter the product’s name separated with hyphens ( – ). Note: NEVER use spaces or your product’s URL will end up as “/mens20%white20%linen20%blazer20%jacket/” as this looks far less professional it is advised to avoid this while carrying out Magento product optimisation

magento product optimisation

4) Meta Title

The meta title is what you see when the product appears in the search results. Putting your keywords in here is yet another way to boost your Magento product optimisation. As you can see, the meta title here is the same as the product. You can make it anything you want, but if your product’s title contains all the necessary keywords then it would be a good idea to make the meta title the same.

5) Meta Keywords

This option isn’t used as much by Google as it once was, however it is still a good idea to include your keywords here. As you can see in the image above, the keywords are entered here and separated by commas ( , ). Although it may not be vital to your Magento product optimisation it is still worthwhile as it may just put you in front of the competition.

6) Meta Description

The meta description is what appears below the meta title in the search results. Don’t worry if you can’t think of what to write in here as Magento will automatically take the first few lines of your product’s page and put it in here for you. If the first few lines don’t have any of your required keywords then you may want to think about writing a short description in here containing a few valuable keywords. As you can see above, the meta description is the same as the product’s main description. This allows for you to provide some information to entice potential customers to your page as well as having keywords valuable to your Magento product optimisation in there too.

magento product optimisation

7) Image Labels (Alt Tags)

Image labels, or alt tags, are yet another place where you can hide some valuable keywords. The image labels (or alt tags) can be seen in View Page Source, Inspect and by hovering over an image. These tags allow you to tell Google what the picture is. Enter your keywords into here e.g. “mens white linen jacket front”. This provides your keywords as well as information of what the picture is. Image labels, or alt tags, are vital in your Magento product optimisation as having your keywords here will significantly effect your Google search result ranking.

When selecting the product you are adding a keyword/keyword phrase to, make sure you select the MAIN CONFIGURABLE PRODUCT

These are the KEY AREAS that where you want to be placing your keywords. Google will see your site to be more relevant and therefore will receive a higher search result ranking. The content in which you implement your keywords MUST be original. Directly copying information from other sites will result in you losing rankings as Google penalises this.

The more specific your keywords are the better they’ll rank in search engines. For example: Your “Men’s XL Linen Blazer” will appeal to men, size xl who want a linen shirt. If you have multiple colours you may want to consider adding this i.e: “Men’s White XL Linen Blazer”. This means if someone is searching specifically for this product it is more likely that they find yours than someone else’s with less specific keywords.

Enjoy Higher Search Result Rankings

You will now have a fully optimised product. Google will pick up on the keywords you have chosen. If you have done sufficient keyword research (lots of searches, low competition) then you will start to see the colossal difference in the popularity of your products and the amount of sales you will be making.

At Magento Web Design we carry out Magento product optimisation on a regular basis and have seen for ourselves the difference that these two simple SEO techniques have on both small and large businesses.

Of course, Magento product optimisation – like everything – is not 100% predictable. So don’t be disheartened if your product doesn’t jump straight to #1 on Google, it may take time for your product to climb.

Magento product optimisation can be done by ANYONE. However, in order for it to be utilised to it’s fullest extent, it’s a good idea to have the professionals carry out your SEO work. At Magento Web Design we offer highly effective and affordable product optimisation as a part of our SEO services.

If you need this type of work done for your website, then call us today on: 0141 538 2411 for a FREE QUOTE.