How To Create Magento Product Attributes

How To Create Magento Product Attributes

magento product attributes
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How To:
Create Magento Product Attributes

In today’s installment of our Magento training guides, we’re going to show you how to create Magento product attributes. This process is quick and simple. We’ve now made it easier than ever with our easy to follow step-by-step guide! There’s even snapshots to show you what is needed of you to create your very own Magento product attributes.

What are Magento Product Attributes

If you’ve ever been clothes shopping online then you’ll have recognised that when buying an item such as a t-shirt or jeans you will be able to select different sizes and colours. The options i.e. colour and size are what are known as Magento product attributes. In this Magento Training guide we will also show you how to create the Magento attribute set which is simply where the magento product attributes are stored.

Step 1:
Go To the Manage Attributes Tab

Now, onto our first step we’re going to be creating some Magento product attributes. Firstly, however, you’ll need to get to the “Manage Attributes” area. Courtesy of Magento Web Design, our Magento training guide will contain convenient snapshots of how to locate all the areas of interest we’ll be talking about.

magento product attributes

Step 2:
Change a Few Settings

Now that you have successfully located the “Manage Attributes” section, it’s time to get one created. By simply clicking the “Add New Attribute” button you will be brought to the Attribute > Properties control panel. This is where your Magento product attributes will start to take form.

magento product attributes

In the snapshot seen above, you will see all the necessary settings required for creating a product attribute. The “Attribute Code” in this case is set to “Size” for this one of our Magento product attributes.

The next setting you will notice is “Scope”. Setting this to “Global” will ensure that your magento product attributes will reach your whole site.

Make sure that the “Catalog Input Type for Store Owner” setting is set to “Dropdown”.

This setting is essential for the Magento product attributes to be compatible with your Magento configurable product

You will notice that the settings; “Default Value”, “Unique Value”, “Values Required” and “Input Validation for Store Owner” have all been left at either No or None. This is because these settings are fine the way they are and don’t require any changes.

And finally, the setting “Use To Create Configurable Product” should be set to Yes. As it says in the name, this allows you to use your Magento product attributes in the creation of your Magento configurable product.

You’re almost there! Our next step will now show you how to get all those different options for your Magento product attributes.

Step 3:
Manage your Magento Product Attributes Options

In the snapshot below, you will see two sections in which you will need to input your Magento product attributes information. Courtesy of Magento Web Design, these sections have been completed to show you what you should be putting in here.

magento product attributes

It’s as simple as it looks! If you have just been presented with the page in the snapshot above, then you’ll see that there aren’t as many boxes in the Manage Options section. You can add as many of these as you want. Click the Add Option button as many times as you require. When these boxes appear, feel free to put in your Magento product attributes options. Once you have entered your information

You do not need to put anything into the French and German columns but it may lead to selling your products/services abroad!

These options are what will appear when you go to select different sizes for a product. Please, make sure you have clicked the Save Attribute or you will lose everything you have just done!

Step 4:
Repeat Step 2 To Make A “Colour” Attribute

Now that you have a “Size” attribute you are ready to create a Magento configurable product. However, if you have different colours available then you will want to repeat Step 2 of our free Magento training guide to achieve this. As always, we have provided a snapshot below to give you an example of what you might want to have in your “Colour” Magento product attributes.

magento product attributesmagento product attributes

Step 5:
Create a Magento Attribute Set

Now that you’ve successfully created two Magento product attributes you are ready to move onto creating a Magento attribute set. This step wont take much time and once it’s done you will be one step closer to being able to create a Magento configurable product.

To create a Magento attribute set you must first have at least one product attribute. If you have read any of this magento training guide you will have successfully created (or at least know how to create) Magento product attributes.

By following the path in the image below you will be able to locate the “Manage Attribute Sets” section to create your Magento attribute set

magento product attributes

Now that you’ve found yourself in the Manage Attribute Sets, you will be presented with two areas in which you will need to put in some information. In the Name setting we recommend you make it something that you will recognise.

For Example: If you are creating this attribute set for a specific type of product (i.e. t-shirt) then it’s best to name it after the type of product.

In the “Based On” option, make sure you this as set “Default” so that it doesn’t copy settings from another Magento attribute set. Once you have these two areas filled with the correct information, you will want to click the Save Attribute Set button. Upon clicking this you will be taken to the following page.

magento product attributes

Now that you have this page displayed in front of you it’s time to assign your Magento attribute set. Drag your Magento product attributes from the right hand side to the left.

Make sure you place your Magento product attributes in the General folder

Now you have two Magento product attributes along with a Magento Attribute Set.

You Now Have Magento Product Attributes

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