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Magento Developers Rutherglen: The importance of having a good e-commerce platform

Magento has firmly established itself at the top of the e-commerce tree. Having an expert development team, like our Magento Developers Rutherglen, is vital in you businesses success. But what, exactly, can go wrong when companies neglect to use a powerful e-commerce platform?

Have you ever had that feeling of venturing down uncanny valley on the internet? You know, a site that forces you to relive the ’90s for all the bad reasons – the obnoxious GIFs, long load times, splash screens that take 15 seconds to load. Back then, many companies – even big ones – decided to waste their money on extravagant splash screens and Flash animations. While some of them could be entertaining in their own way, even people who were lucky enough to have broadband connections installed still had to contend with lengthy load times and watching the animation do its thing before the site properly loaded.

Fortunately, most web developers have since seen the light and it is rare these days for any site to have a splash screen – or at least one that takes up the entire screen, anyway. However, while many companies and their teams of web developers are now more focused on speed over splendour, there is one component that is regularly overlooked – and it is arguably the most important feature of any e-commerce website. We are, of course, talking about a website’s e-commerce platform.

By far one of the biggest mistakes is when developers don’t unite a website’s main CSS (cascading style sheet) with that of its e-commerce platform. In fact, sometimes the e-commerce platform is so poorly executed that it looks like it was designed by a seven-year-old during their first week of IT classes. Or, perhaps even worse, there is no cart system at all. If you are selling hundreds (or thousands) of products but have no way to select multiple items at once, or you need to check out items one by one, you have already failed the test. This is why it is crucial that you have a professional development team, such as Magento Developers Rutherglen, to help you get the most out of the number one platform for e-commerce.

Finally, there are the payment options. Companies should not slap on payment options as an afterthought; rather, it is best to ensure that you offer your customers a wide range of choices, in particular, credit card, PayPal and even Bitcoin if you are so inclined.

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