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Magento Developers Cardfiff: 5 Reasons why Magento is the perfect E-commerce platform

If you’re looking to develop a new E-commerce site, the first thing you’ll need to get sorted is the platform it’s going to be based on. When it comes to E-commerce platforms, there is no better solution than Magento. At Magento Web Design, we are the foremost Magento Developers Cardiff providers. With over 5 years experience developing Magento websites, we know a thing or two about how to get the best from this amazingly versatile platform.

Here are five reasons why we love to develop your online shop with our Magento Developers Cardiff services.


1. It’s open source

Open source is a buzzword in the development community, but what does it mean for you? Basically, it means that the code that is written for your website is not the domain of the developer who wrote it. So if you want to change developers in the future, you are free to do so without penalty. You can take the code with you and get someone else to work on it.

There are other advantages to open source as well. A lot of the development with E-commerce sites is quite repetitive: things like payment integration, shopping carts, and product listing pages are the same underlying code across all E-commerce sites. So it doesn’t make sense to pay a developer to rewrite these pages if they’ve already been written.

With open source, these pages have been prewritten and are free for you to customise in your own project, saving you a small fortune in development costs. Plus you save a bunch of time as well.


2. You can run more than one shop from a single install

For many small retailers, this may not seem like much of a benefit. However, the savings you achieve make it worth it.

Think about it – how would you like to able to sell in Europe or the USA? With multi-site, it’s easy to create separate shops with different currencies to target new markets. Some solutions solve this problem with multi-currency, but that creates problems with SEO. With multi-site, you create separate shops, each with their own domains, SEO and marketing campaigns to create a truly multinational solution.

Many E-commerce sites run more than one shop anyway, without realising it. Do you have a clearance site? For a clearance site to work properly it should be completely separate from your main site. But do you really want to invest money building a completely new site? That’s why some retailers choose to save costs by mixing clearance items in with regular items. With our Magento Developers Cardiff services, building a clearance site is easier than ever.


3. It’s SEO friendly

Now is a good time to mention some of the SEO features Magento comes with out-of-the-box. With Magento, your site uses semantic URLs. These are important because many alternative E-commerce platforms create ugly numbers and hyphens in the URL, which can destroy SEO value.

Magento also comes with some great features that help get your site indexed in the search engines, including pre-built site maps, mobile friendly pages by default, and meta tag creation. All these things are a pain to develop individually, but with Magento, they come as standard.


4. It grows with you

As your E-commerce site grows, you need to ensure your platform can keep up. With Magento Developers Cardiff, you are getting a mature well-tested codebase, which runs many thousands of E-commerce sites of all shapes and sizes, from multinational corporations to “mom and pop” shops.

With Magento, you can start small and scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions each day. It can run on a single web server, or multiple servers, with load balancing or without. The only thing holding your Magento installation back is your imagination.


5. Extensions

With our Magento Developers Cardiff services, the Magento platform is just the beginning. You can extend the capabilities of your store by adding one of hundreds of extensions. The Magento Connect marketplace is the largest E-commerce marketplace in the world. You can add log in via Facebook, single click checkout, and infinite scroll, all with just a few clicks, giving you a fully featured E-commerce website without the breaking the bank.

If you would like to talk with us about your new E-commerce site, get in touch now on the form below. We are the leading Magento Developers Cardiff has to offer and we’ll help you get your new E-commerce site off the ground, quickly and efficiently.


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