Project Description

Volumize required a brand new online eshop designed to start selling their products online. When we sat down with them and went over the best choice for them, it was clear Magento was the best fit for what they required for the online shop. it’s features offer you:

volumize magento shop iphone view

Our experienced team took Volumize through every stage of the process, as this was their first time moving to online sales. There was a lot of questions they had on how everything would work online. After they put their mind at rest on all these points, they were excited to be moving forward to get into the online market share. The project went live, as per the preset planned date, and they are now selling their products online from a strong starting point which will enable them to grow and adapt to their ever growing online business!

The website of course was created to be fully responsive, as well as working on all platforms from laptops and desktops to mobiles and tablets. The admin of the website is easy for the client to change and update as required, attending to all online stock themselves. They can change anything on the shop when they need to with ease which is then updated right away online. Adding new products, new inner sections to their sections and much more is all easy to manage with the system we put in place.

If you need a new online shop or an old one updated, our team of experts are some of the best for the job. We are professionals at making it simple for you to move all your old shop content to the new online shop! We are local and have vast experience in building eCommerce websites via the Magento platform, for a wide variety of industries. If you’re serious about selling your product or brand online then we are here to help you achieve your goal! Call us and let’s talk over your vision, to put a plan into action to get those sales through the roof! Call our team on 0141 538 2411.volumize magento shop ipad view

One of the best eCommerce platforms for selling products online is via the Google Shopping Channel. This highlights your products to appear on the google search page. When someone searches for a specific product it will show up right there on the front page without having to enter your website, making it more appealing to those looking to order a product with little time on their hands. We can get Magento to pass all products to Google Merchant Centre who will pass these to Google AdWords. Then you can set up PPC advertising for the products to ensure you make those sales! This is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your products or to get your business profits rocketing.

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