Devine Quality Foods
Project Description

Devine Quality Foods came to us for a brand new, custom Magento eCommerce website when realised that they wanted to enter the online shopping movement to ensure they were getting a piece of the market share for their products. DQF had already worked with our experts in web development to create a WordPress website and attract attention to their business.

After consulting with our team, Devine Quality Foods arrived at the decision to go from a WordPress site to a custom made Magento online shop. All of our Magento eCommerce websites are fully custom made using no templates. We have experts in graphics design and website development who were able to work with Devine’s vision in order to create the thriving eShop that DQF are now using. One of the main benefits that appealed to our clients was that with our Magento services you can leave all the graphics and web development work to the professionals while having full control over all your stocks and prices. This allows for our clients such as Devine Quality Foods to focus on their sales and growth without having to worry about the editing of the eCommerce website itself, while still having complete control of what their website will look like and the functions within.

One of the main concerns people may have when creating an online eCommerce website with an agency is that the quality of your website is reflected onto your products and services. However, with our team of professionals here at Magento Web Developers we have years of experience working with the system as well as countless satisfied customers, like Devine Quality Foods. We also offer Magento Maintenance Packages to all our clients as a way of ensuring that we can work with their vision while operating within their budget as a way of providing security and peace of mind knowing that there are no surprise bills. Our expertise and professionalism is also included in the price as well as any advice that our clients may require.

Devine Quality Food’s online eCommerce site can be found by clicking here.

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Project Details
ClientDevine Quality Foods