Magento 2 Developers Glasgow

Magento 2 Developers Glasgow

magento 2 glasgow
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Magento 2 Developers Glasgow

We have all been excited in the studio now for a while, eagerly awaiting the biggest change in online commence in many years. We are sure anyone involved in creating online shops would know about this brand new version of the fabulous Magento platform, that has been in the pipeline now for nearly five years – can you believe that! It is said to enhance our online shopping experiences beyond anything seen previous. Magento 2 the new kid on the block and is sure to be a massive leap forward for us all.

We have been running testing for almost a year on development work behind the scenes to have gained knowledge of the new system in advance for our clients wanting to migrate over to the new platform. Don’t think this for one minute is just another one of those every other day Magento updates! This is a completely new platform far superior to the Magento 1 version.

There will be many factors to take into account, before you can just jump two footed into Magento 2. Over time add ons and extensions etc will be fully rewritten for Mangeto 2, and all our custom work we have coded for your Magento website, will need to be reworked but the jump to the new platform version will need to be done, it’s just a case of when to make the move that is right for you, and fully update your shop.

Even current jobs in the studio are present have seen the heavy debate over what the client needs and if it is even possible to build their shop in Magneto 2 yet. This depends of course on a like for like case with so many third party extensions to your Mangeto system, that will need to be redeveloped too, before you can even think about making the switch.

Magento 2 was first spoke about back in 2010 with promises of so much innovation opportunities and flexibility unseen before on a digital commernce platform. So here we are now in early 2016, as the time to finally start to seriously adapt our workflows and systems to embrace the new system seems to be upon us. We look forward to working with all the promises of unique customer experiences, more efficient APIs, better responsive design and vast improvements in speed page loads for both catalog and checkout pages – it’s all things we have all been screaming for!

We will witness much more updates using the new system I’m sure too, as more of our clients current websites are changed over to the new system, not to mention complete new builds all created in the newest platform for their 1st generation. We are looking at February 2016 as our launch for new projects using the Magento 2 system. Extensions are going to be key here and developers all over the globe will be working away hard to rewrite theirs to be able to run on the system.

If you have any questions about your current Magento website or about how Magento 2 will effect you, then get in touch with one of our team on 0141 353 9322 for us to have a chat with you.